Why choose Restore & More SW?

Why choose Restore & More SW?

At Restore & More you get quality results and a competitve price.

As a qualified carpet cleaner at two cleaning schools I  have been trained in identifying carpets and using the correct process to clean & maintain them. In some cases, carpet cleaners as in any trade.. some will cut corners. When I clean a carpet I will vacuum the carpet if required, treat any complex stains, then I will prespray the carpet and aggitate it with a pile brush or rotary machine which will start to break down the soiling. Once the prespray has dwelled on the carpet, I will clean the edges by hand which requires me to get down on my hands and knees this will remove all the dirt and debris in the crevices near the skirting board. Once the edges have been cleaned I will clean the main part of the carpet with a dual sprayer wand which will then remove the soiling so improve the hygiene and appearance of the carpet.

When I clean a carpet I aim to move most of the furniture using my Sliderz equipment, once the carpet is cleaned these items will be placed back on pads and polystyrene blocks to protect the carpet from furniture stains. Sadly some companies skip important stages such as applying a prespray or not moving furniture. “If a job is worth doing it’s worth doing well!”

If you wish to have a proper job carried out by a qualified and compotent carpet cleaning  professional then please give me a call 07786 887781 or email me via the contact form for a FREE quotation.





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