Upholstery cleaning – greasy arms, dirty cushions?

Upholstery cleaning – greasy arms, dirty cushions?

Restore & More doesnt just offer a #carpetcleaning service across #Torbay, #Teignbridge & the South Hams. Regularly I am asked to clean upholstery which needs a freshen up after usage. With an upholstery clean it is important to vacuum the upholstery before any application of chemicals. The item should be vacuumed with the brush tool and then the crevice tool to remove the build up of dust, dirt and other objects found in between the cushions. Once this is carried out the upholstery is presprayed with a detergent which will break down the soiling and this is aggitated with a brush to enhance the process. When the sufficient dwell time has occured the upholstery is extraction cleaned with a heated solution from a high powered extraction cleaning machine. This hot rinse will remove the majority of soiling, using a specific low moisture upholstery tool (the saphire) or a more traditional extraction tool which will tend to be used on heavier soiled items. Once the upholstery has been cleaned, it needs time to dry, the time will vary due to several variables. When I clean a piece of upholstery I will deploy paddle fans to speed up the drying time, air movement is important when drying soft furnishings.  There are occasions when more specialist chemicals are required to remove body grease from arms and cushions or other stains which can occur in a household such as wine spillages, spots of ink, etc… These chemicals and application procedures are all things which I can carry out to return your upholstery to a far better condition than before the clean. It is always advised that I visit the upholstery and provide a written quotation before a cleam is booked in. This will help to check that the upholstery is wet cleanable and assess what is possible with a clean, in some cases with all the will in the world and experties some stains will always be permanent.


If you would like any further information on an upholstery clean, please feel free to give me a call or drop me an email.



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