Summer Update

Summer Update


Its been non-stop the last few months.. Now were in August, the schools are about to return, so it will be classroom carpet cleaning ready for the new term. The stains will be removed and the carpets will be smelling fresh. How long will they remain clean.. we’ll have to wait and see what the British weather throws at us. With school carpets, typically they are either hot water extraction cleaned or cleaned using a hot bonnet system called Thermadry. The thermadry option dries far quicker and suits a commercial carpet because of its low pile. In some cases, a carpet.. especially in a school requires a deeper clean, so the hot water extraction system is deployed using the powerbrush wand to enhance cleaning results.

Over July I had been carrying out quite a few carpet repairs. This included carrying out both retuft and patch repairs using heat carpet join tape. The patch repairs were carried out where a cat had pulled at the carpet and had caused significant damage to the lounge carpet. Thankfully the customer had plenty of spare carpet, so I could carry out the necessary repairs to make the carpet satisfactory again. Retufting repairs have also featured heavily in my recent workload, the repair was required after a manufacturing fault. New yarn was supplied so I could insert new pieces where the previous pieces had failed to be secured. These repairs saved the carpet from being replaced, which would of inconvenienced the customer due to large amounts of furniture to move.

If you have a carpet which needs a clean, or feel a repair could be necessary, please feel free to give me a call or drop me an email through the contact page. Quotations are free in most cases in the South Devon area.


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