Is it worth hiring a DIY store/Supermarket Carpet Cleaning Machine?

Is it worth hiring a DIY store/Supermarket Carpet Cleaning Machine?

The cost of hiring a carpet cleaning machine normally costs £22.99 for a 24 hour period or £28.99 for a 48 Hour period. This cost excludes the price of the detergent, this cost is normally in the region of £10.00 which will enable the cleaning of two typical size rooms, (in the region of 20-30M2). This sounds like a fairly decent price, but when you think of the problems you could incur it may be worth considering hiring a qualified carpet cleaning technician. A qualified carpet cleaning technician will spot the problems of cleaning carpets, such as shrikage, dye bleed and furniture dye stains. A professional carpet cleaner will identify these problems and use the correct techniques to avoid these potential hazards.


I’m a qualified carpet cleaner who has a well stocked van, the stock costs hundreds of pounds and this flexibility will tend to give far superior results than a DIY hire machine. The suction power of a professional machine which costs thousands of pounds will out perform the hire machine which costs in the region of hundreds of pounds. The tools, chemical selection and skill of a carpet cleaning technician could potentially save you thousands if you were to damage your carpet. Would the cost of hiring a professional really be this frightening.. It really isnt, why not give me a call or drop me an email to talk through your carpet cleaning needs and if you require a price a free quotation callout can be obtained (Most TQ postcodes) which is non obligational.



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