Embarassing DIY carpet cleaning…

Embarassing DIY carpet cleaning…

Recently I visited one of my friends who had decided to give his carpets a clean before I visited him for a gathering. He was rather embarrassed by his attempt (as he knew I would be checking his carpets 😉 ), his clean with the DIY machine took a long time to carry out and it left the carpet in a “streaky” condition. Some areas he had to do twice….. If the carpet was cleaned by a professional it would of taken half as long and there would of been no streaks of clean and dirty carpet patches. The professional machine will use hot water and will be pumped at 150psi to blast away that dirt and grime to make your carpet hygienic for your family and pleasing to the eye. He has assured me that he will never clean the carpet again and he will use my service to bring his carpets up to scratch for the next social occasion.

Professional carpet cleaning isn’t typically as expensive as you might think. If you would like to discuss the carpet cleaning procedure for your carpet in Torbay, Teignbridge or the South Hams, please feel free to drop me an email or give me a call to arrange a free quotation.




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