Carpets in a commercial situation tend to receive heavy wear.

I have plenty of experience in cleaning commercial carpets. I have cleaned carpets in hotels, schools, auditoriums, doctors surgeries, shops, offices and many other premises.


With commercial carpet cleaning it is important to select the right system for the job. At Restore & More I am able to clean a carpet with three different systems “Thermadry”, “Hot Water Extraction” and “Dry Cleaning.” The system selection will be determined through understanding the customers needs, whether its a deep soil extraction clean or a maintenance clean using a low moisture system.


The two most common systems we tend to operate are thermadry and the hot water extraction system. The thermadry system utilises the encapsulation process which cleans as well as providing a odour neutraliser and protector capability. The chemical is applied using a cotton bonnet which is soaked then buffed over the carpet, which allows the carpet to be cleaned quickly and with far less moisture than a traditional shampoo system.


The hot water extraction system involves a pre-spray which is aggitated and then extracted out with a hot solution pumped at pressure by the carpet cleaning machine. This moisture is then pulled out from the carpet using two vacuum motors found in the carpet cleaner, this system is suited better for longer pile carpets, rather than thermadry’s preference of short pile carpets.


If you are interested in our commercial carpet cleaning service, I’m more than happy to pop out and provide a free quotation and advise on the correct system for your carpet.

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