Bit of history about the area I serve… A Covid19 special.

Bit of history about the area I serve… A Covid19 special.

In light of the recent global situation, most #carpetcleaning jobs cannot be carried out due to safe working guidance issued by the UK government because of the corona virus.


With this in mind I thought it would be nice to write a small piece about the town I call home and serve as a #carpetcleaner – #Torquay. I am a Devonian, originally from the North of the county but moved to the South in the late eighties. With this in mind a lot of my customers know I support the yellows rather than Bideford Town.


I’ve served the English Riviera and surrounding areas for carpet cleaning since 2008. So I thought I’d look into the history. The origin of the name “Torquay” refers to Tor Hill which is rocky outcrop above the village of Torre which was there before the modern town. The quay part was due to construction of a landing stage built by canons of Torre Abbey. As most of us know the English Riviera was a popular Victorian holiday resort, the railway connection would of brought lots of people from across the country to enjoy our mild climate and clean air. The town’s motto is “Salus at Facilitas” which means “Health and Happiness.”


The infamous “Torbay palm” was originally a tree from New Zealand (which I never knew). These trees were brought over in the 1820s and have flourished due to mild climate and the well drained soil. Think a lot of us remember the old Torbay palm posters, flags… I sure do.


Torquay had its part to play in the war effort. At Beacon Quay near the pub you can see the slipways used by American soldiers in 1944 for D-day. The slipways are grade 2 listed as a historic monument for a visual reminder of the ultimate sacrifice paid by so many soldiers for our freedom.


Who is/was the most famous resident of Torquay?  Surely it has to be crime writing supremo “Agatha Christie.” She was born in Barton and during the first world war she worked in a makeshift hospital at Torquay town hall.  As a writer she created some great murder mystery stories and characters, including Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot who was based on a Belgian refugee who she saw on a Torquay tram. She lived in Torquay for quite some time, but eventually she bought “Greenway” which is a property on the banks of the River Dart near Galmpton. The house can be visited as it is in the care of the National trust and can be reached by the Paignton & Dartmouth steam railway.


Just a few facts I stumbled across while reading a book about Torbay’s history while we’re all in lockdown. Hopefully soon I’ll be back carrying out my #Carpetcleaning and #Carpetrepair service in and around #Torbay.


If you have any carpet cleaning queries, please feel free to send me an email or a message over Facebook.


Stay safe!







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