A visit to Axminster carpets

A visit to Axminster carpets

Recently I was given the chance to visit the Axminster Carpets factory at Axminster.


The trip to the factory was well worth it. Initially we were given a talk about the companies history from one of the directors. This talk highlighted the changes which the business has under gone in recent times to keep on trend. This included a change of marketing and a different approach especially in providing wool carpets for commercial customers such as hotel chains, train and aircraft manufacturers, pub chains, high presteige clients such as the house of lords, albert hall and many others in between.


Following this, we were given a presentation highlighting the positives of using a wool carpet rather than a synthetic. These benefits include it being harder wearing, fire retardency properties and a far greener and sustainable material in wool.


After this presentation we then had a tour of the factory. This tour was fascinating.. it showed us the looms in action and highlighted the difference between a regular axminster carpet and a wilton carpet, both are manufacturered at this plant in East Devon. They also construct their famous underlay called Axfelt which contains waste yarn on the site and is recommended to be fitted with a high quality carpet such as Axminster to maximise the carpets life expenctancy.


In Axminster town itself, there is a museum about the carpet industry so may be worth a look if you are in the area… A great day out if you are interest in carpets!


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